logoGemini Group Global Corp. or G3, fka HULL Energy, Inc. (OTC: GMNI) is a publicly held holding company that invest via equity and debt in both privately held and publicly traded companies. These investments must fit our specific investment strategy. We also buy, fund or joint venture cash-flow based projects and participate in the revenue for the duration of the income stream.

What sets G3 apart from our competition is our abilty to assess a clients needs and determine the proper capital structure that supports the current shareholder objectives of the company.


We are a publicly held holding company that invests its equity in debt and equity transactions that meet a specific criteria.

Our current holdings are valued at over $63 million with revenue sharing agreements totalling approximately $9 million in annual revenue.

We have over $700 million in pending business for the first two quarters of 2014.


We fund companies that are looking for capital if they need it for:

1. Expansion
2. Debt Reduction
3. Project Finance
5. Public Offering
6. Up-listing
7. Investor Communications


In Q3 2013, we acquired the majority interest in Principal Mortgage Fund (PFM) and Principal Structure Fund (PSF). Both funds have elected to be treated as business development companies (BDC).

In September 2013, Fortitude Group, Inc (OTC: FRTD) acquired our wholly owned subsidiary, ProCap Funding, Inc. This acquisiton was completed under a share for share exchange agreement. Under the terms of the agreement, consideration called for 400m shares of Class A common stock (in stages) to be issued to G3. PCAP has elected to be treated as a BDC and upon completion of the requirements of this election, they intend to use the funds raised under Form 1-E to complete funding of FRTD projects.